Discussion Questions: John 2:1-11


What events have taken place prior to this passage?

Who attended the wedding with Jesus?

Is it odd to you that Jesus was at a wedding? Why do you think he went? What does it say about God that Jesus attended this wedding?

What problem arises at the wedding? Why do you think this occured? What would have been the impact if Jesus had not intervened?

Why do you think Mary went to Jesus with the problem of the lack of wine? Shoule we take such seemingly simple problesm to Jesus as well?

How did Jesus respond to Mary? What does Jesus mean by “My hour has not yet come”? What was His “hour”? What does this reveal about Jesus mission and purpose?

Have you ever been guilty of trying to force God’s hand to act or move sooner than perhaps you should? How can we balance our desire to have our problems solved and God’s timing?


Why did Jesus have the servants fill the purification jars first? What were these jars used for? Why not just have the servants serve the water straight from the well?

What miracle does Jesus perform? What is said about the wine Jesus’ provides in comparisson to the wine usually provided?

Read Psalm 104:15; Proverbs 3:10; and Matthew 26:29. What implications do you think these passages have on the matter of Jesus providing the wine?

Who gets the credit for the wine?

How is Jesus’ miracle a picture of the redemption he offers through his cross?

When have you experienced God’s loving power?


Why does John call Jesus’ miracle a sign? What does a sign do?

How had Jesus manifested his glory in this miracle? Read John 1:14, 18. How did Jesus reveal God in this miracle?

When and how has the Lord revealed his glory to you?

What was the response of the disciples? If the disciples had already believed in him (1:41, 45, 49), in what sense did they believe in him after this miracle?

What prompted you to believe in Jesus?


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