Discussion Questions: Luke 7:1-17

Verses 1-10: Jesus’ Authority over Sickness

  • What is significant about the person who goes to Jesus for help in this passage?
  • Why did the centurion have a good relationship with the Jews in his area? Why did he send the Jewish elders to Jesus, instead of going himself?
  • Why did the centurion consider himself unworthy to be in Jesus’ presence?
  • What amazed Jesus about the centurion? How should we be like the centurion when we come to Jesus?
  • What does Jesus’ healing of the centurion’s servant tell us about how we should treat those of different ethnic or racial backgrounds? What can a believer do to overcome long-held prejudices against people of a different ethnicity, race, or nationality?
  • What does this miracle reveal about Jesus’ authority over sickness? How is the authority of the centurion and Jesus the same? How is it different?
  • If Jesus can heal, even when not physically present, why didn’t he heal everyone? Why doesn’t he heal everyone today?

Verses 11-15: Jesus’ Compassion in the Face of Death

  • How is the motivation for performing this miracle different than when Jesus healed the centurion’s servant?
  • Read Deut 10:18; Psalm 146:9; and James 1:27. What do these verses tell us about God’s compassion for widows and those who are vulnerable in our society?
  • How did Jesus show compassion to this widow? How can we show compassion for those in need?
  • How does knowing Jesus has power over death affect the way you live? How does it affect the way you deal with death?

Verses 16-17: Jesus’ Glory

  • What caused fear to overcome the crowd?
  • What did the people say about Jesus? Why do you think they had this response?
  • If we or a loved one become in, or even die, does that mean that we did not have enough faith, or God was not able?
  • In what way is sickness and death overcome already for those who are in Christ?
  • What are some practical ways we can tell others of how God is working in our lives and the difference he has made?

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