Links 10.19.2011

How I Wish the Homosexuality Debate Would Go: Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that we will ever hear the clarity and Biblical faithfulness of this imaginary interview on a real news show.

Steve Jobs: The Secular Prophet: “For people of a secular age, Steve Jobs’s gospel may seem like all the good news we need. But people of another age would have considered it a set of beautifully polished empty promises, notwithstanding all its magical results. Indeed, they would have been suspicious of it precisely because of its magical results.”

Top Ten Reasons Why the New NIV Bible is Bad for Women: Sadly, the NIV is not a good, reliable translation like it used to be. And as this  article points out, the push for gender-inclusive language is not a good one.

Are Evangelicals Dangerous? Al Mohler’s CNN article hit a nerve, with over 75 pages of comments after a day on the front page of CNN. Here is a taste: “Are evangelicals dangerous? Well, certainly not in the sense that more secular voices warn. The vast majority of evangelicals are not attempting to create a theocracy, or to oppose democracy. To the contrary, evangelicals are dangerous to the secularist vision of this nation and its future precisely because we are committed to participatory democracy.”

Stolen Babies: Spain appears to be on the verge of a potentially massive and deeply troubling scandal, if allegations prove true.

Mormonism 101: With Mitt Romney looking more and more like the Republican candidate for President, the issue of his Mormon faith keeps making the news circuits. But do you know what Mormonism is and what they believe? Here is a basic introduction.

I’m attending Together for the Gospel in April. You should go too!


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