Discussion Questions: John 6:1-13; 35-40


Why do we like to eat?


6:1-13 Jesus Provides

What was the significance of the Passover for Israel? What is significant about this time Jesus chose to perform this miracle (notice verse 4)?

What is different about the responses of Philip and Andrew to the problem of so many people needing to eat? How are Philip’s pessimistic reply and Andrew’s attempt to find a solution reflected in believers today?

How are we sometimes like Andrew, with little to offer toward solving such a big problem? What does this story teach us about what we should do in such situations?

What does Jesus’ miracle teach us about His ability to meet our needs and satisfy our longings?

6:35-36 Jesus Satisfies

Review the events that take place in verses 14-34. Why do the people follow Jesus? What do they want? What does Jesus want them to understand about what he has done?

How is Jesus the bread of life? What does Jesus offer?

What evidences of spiritual hunger do you see in people today?

6:37-40 Jesus Saves

What promises does Jesus make in this passage?

What conditions are placed on these promises? In other words, how does one receive these promises?


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