Discussion Questions: God’s Calling of Moses and His Calling in Your Life

God’s Calling: Exodus 3:1-6

What had happened that had Moses in Midan keeping his father-in-law’s sheep? What has happened in your life that God may be using to prepare you for his purposes?

To Moses, this would have been another ordinary day, but God intervened. What does this tell you about God’s plan for your life?

What emotions did Moses experience? How do these compare to your own?

Why was the place Moses was standing “holy ground”?

How old was Moses when God called him? Do we ever retire from serving the Lord?

Does God have a calling or purpose for only a select few?

How should we live in preparation for God’s calling?

God’s Presence: Exodus 3:10-15

What does Moses’ first questions reveal about him? Have you ever felt unworthy or unqualified for a task? How does God reassure Moses? How does God reassure us?

Does God’s promise to be with us mean that what He has called us to will be easy?

Why did Moses ask for God’s name? What does God’s name say about him?

God’s Equipping: Exodus 4:10-12

What excuse did Moses give God? How did God respond?

What are some excuses we give God? Why do we give these excuses?

Why do we find it hard to trust God’s promises and power?

How does a person get from recognizing God’s help in the past to regularly depending on His help in the present?

How is God calling you to serve Him? Are you able to do so on your own? What excuses are you tempted to give?


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