Links 11-13-2011

Half of all Christian publishing will now come from one source (owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. no less) with the merger of Harper Collins and Thomas Nelson.

File this one under “Interesting Trivia”: A majority of Democrats seldom or never go to church. Of course the stats for Republicans isn’t that hot either. Worse still 46% overall said they seldom or never went. That is a good reminder that the mission field is quite close to home.

The Art of Manliness (a fantastic blog for real men) has a great design for a table that I see myself building in the near future.

The Unheralded Gains of the Pro-Life Movement

Ed Stetzer on dealing with “Issue Christians”

Joel Olsteen – Does he not know, or does he not care?

Lady Gaga – Selling something short of true hope


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