Discussion Questions: Numbers 20:1-13

Grumbling and Self-Pity – verses 1-5

What criticisms and complaints did the people of Israel have? What does their complaints reveal about what they truly care about?


What complaints and grumblings have we had about situations we find ourselves in? What are we really wanting from others when we complain?


What do our complaints reveal about where our trust and hope lies? What effect does trust in God have our self-pity?


What kind of impact can our complaining and blaming have on our leaders? Pastors? Loved ones?


Anger and Self-Glory – verses 6-11

What instructions did God give to Moses? How did Moses respond to the people’s complaining? In his anger, what did Moses want from the people?


If complaining can sometimes get us what we want (like it did for the Israelites here), why is it not an acceptable solution to our difficulties?


Examine Psalm 106:32-33. What does this passage reveal about Moses’ response to the people?


What does this passage reveal about the significance of the things we say?


How does loosing one’s temper and loosing control of one’s tongue go hand in hand? How can we guard our tongue in these moments? What are we wanting from others when we are angry?


Self-Pity, Self-Glory and the Glory of God – verses 12-13

What sin did Moses commit?


How are the sin of the people (complaining, self-pity) and the sin of Moses (anger, self-glory) similar?


How does trust in God counter our propensity toward grumbling or anger?


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