Discussion Questions: Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 1:26-38

Matthew 1:18-20

Imagine you are Joseph. What would you have done? What were Joseph’s options?


Luke 1:28-31

What reason did Mary have for rejoicing? Had she earned God’s favor?


Why do you think the angel told both Mary and Joseph not to fear? What reasons Mary and Joseph would have been afraid?


Do we ever fear what God may call us to do? How can we do to prepare to confront our fears with courage?


Luke 1:34-37

How does this passage teach about the virgin birth? Why is this truth of the virgin birth important for understanding Jesus’ identity as fully God and fully man?


What is the difference between asking questions of God and questioning God? Which of these did Mary do? How can asking questions of God be a catalyst for growing one’s faith?


Matthew 1:24-25 and Luke 1:38

What do Joseph’s and Mary’s response and actions show about their character? About their faith in God? How do our actions demonstrate our faith in God?


Where did Mary and Joseph find the strength to go in the way God called them to? Do we have the power and strength to do what God calls us to on our own?


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