Discussion Questions: Matthew 2:1-16


What is one of the best gifts you have received?


Come to Worship – Matthew 2:1-2

What drew the Wise men to come and visit Jesus? What difficulties do you think they may have encountered on the way?


What draws people to Jesus today? What difficulties do people face as they are drawn to Him?


Seeking to Destroy – Matthew 2:3-8; 16

Why do you think the Wise men, who were not Jews, were seeking Jesus, yet Herod, who claimed to be “king of the Jews” himself, did not even know where He would be born?


What motives did Herod have in seeking Jesus? What are some different motives people have for seeking Jesus?


What does verse 16 reveal about Herod’s statement about wanting to worship Jesus? Do people today put on a front of “religion” or “devotion to Christ” in order to make themselves seem better to others?


What is Herod’s fear? How does his fear compare to the fear some people have today that cause them to reject Jesus?


Worshipping and Giving – Matthew 2:9-12

What is worship? What is the impact of worship on the worshipper?


How are acts of service and giving of one’s resources acts of worship?


Special Application

What dangers are there in having an attitude that says “I found Jesus years ago, what more is there?”


What implications does Jesus’ lordship have on your life? The life of your unbelieving friend or neighbor?


Can giving of your time to care for another be an act of worship?


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