Blog the Bible: Ecclesiastes 1:2f

At first reading, it seems as though the Preacher is being melodramatic. Our modern day psychologists might diagnose him with a case of depression. So what is with the exasperation we find here?

As Solomon in his wisdom examines the world around him, workers working day after day and never finding an end to their work, the sun rising and setting without end, the rivers flowing forever into the sea but never filling it up, and the reality that there is nothing new under the sun, there is a weariness to it all. What is the point? Where is all this going?

As we read the rest of Scripture, we do indeed find an answer to this futileness in the coming judgment of God. However, here that is not what Solomon is considering. He is looking at the world as the world is. Taking the word on its own terms. Apart from the divine intervention and superintending hand of God, life and this world have not meaning, no significance, no point. It is no wonder that in our culture that increasingly sees their life and this world without a consideration for the Creator, Sustainer, and Culminater, that depression has become so rampant.

Lord, help me to see how all things have their meaning in you. Help me to see all of life in light of you. Guard me from the weariness that comes from working apart from the strength you provide. Amen.