Blog the Bible: Ecclesiastes 1:18

Education is seen today as the great equalizer. If only we could educate kids sooner, better, more, and longer, then all would be fair and right, it is said. Previous generations saw the need for vocational and technical training of a trade for many a young man. Today, it is almost an expectation that every young person would go to a four year school. Ours is an information age, and more information, taught to more people, is the remedy proposed to right societies woes.

The Preacher, however, tells another story. With more knowledge comes more sorrow. This is readily apparent on the nightly news show. Never before have we been able to see live and in color the happenings around the world so easily. But never before have people so readily been exposed to every imaginable tragedy the world over, piped to their screens at ever increasing pace and severity. We may know what is going on around our state, country, and the globe, but it doesn’t take long for despair to set in as we hear again of who killed who, how, and why.

Vexation at this world’s condition comes as we consider in God-given wisdom the state of affairs. If we know the truth of God’s word, the depravity of this world (and even our own hearts) will frustrate us. But this too is grace. The frustration we find as we grow in knowledge leads should teach us that it is not by our own know how that we will be save, but only by God’s knowledge of us.

Lord, my knowledge often leads me to pride. Forgive me of my arrogance. You know all things. Break me free from this ongoing need to know more stuff and remind me that to know you is the beginning and end of wisdom and all true knowledge. Help me to know you more. Amen.