Blog the Bible: 2 Samuel 6:8

We rather like to have control of God. We like to be able to call Him up like a butler when we need Him, when we want something, but otherwise we like to have him stay in the shadows. We think of God as some of an older generation thought of children, “to be seen, but not heard.”

When David sought to bring the Ark of God to Jerusalem, it was supposed to be a day of celebration. But God decided to bring some dark rain clouds on their parade. Uzzah, seeking to steady the ark, sinned by presuming he could dare touch it. The thunderbolt of God’s justice struck, killing Uzzah. Carting off a dead body has a way of ruining most festivities.

David, master of ceremonies, was not pleased. “How dare God rain on my parade!” No doubt, like us often times, David would have preferred that God stay in his box. But God isn’t confined to an ark to be toted here and there at the good pleasure of some king. No, God doesn’t stay in His box, but He reminds us that we are nicely wrapped under his authority.

David’s attitude shows up in us when we treat God as our short-order cook. “2 burger, 2 fries, chicken for the kids, and shakes to go.” At least that’s what our prayers sometimes sound like. But God sets us straight when he serves up a platter of trials, difficulties, and want. God always serves the best to us though. David needed to be reminded of this, and so do we at times.

Thank you Lord for the times you have humbled me. Thank you that when we are weak, then we are strong, for in our weakness, we are dependent on the one who is most able. Amen.