Preaparing for the Debate: Ken Ham v. Bill Nye “The Science Guy”

Tuesday a group from our church will gather to watch the live stream of the debate between creationist, Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and Bill Nye “The Science Guy“. The topic is “Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?” I had heard about the debate and was considering getting tickets and going. After all, I’m a creationist who greatly appreciates Ken Ham’s ministry, who grew up watching Bill Nye’s TV show (I can still sing the theme song), so how could I say no? However, when all 900 tickets sold out within 2 minutes of becoming available, it became clear that this was becoming a bigger event than was planned.  I’m looking forward to the conversation. Both sides realize that the debate isn’t about winning over the opponent. Instead, its about children. In a secular society that assumes evolution as fact, I am thankful that Ken has an opportunity to present a Biblical worldview to a wide audience.

Here is the promotional video:

Here is the video that Bill Nye posted some time back stating that creationism should not be taught to children, neither in schools or at home, since it is scientific “fact”. It was this video that, as I understand it, set up the chain of events that led to this debate.

Here is Ken Ham’s response to that video:


Here is an article on the debate from NBC News.

If you are not able to come out to Tremont Baptist Church on Tuesday at 6pm to watch the live stream, you can watch it at no cost from home, or get together with others to watch it, by going to at 6pm CST.