Two Good Article Series

I’ve been reading two good series of articles lately that I thought were worth sharing.

First is from John MacArthur at the Grace to You Blog. MacArthur is responding to another widely respected Christian pastor, John Piper. Piper is a continuationist, believing that the miraculous sign gifts of the New Testament are in operation today, while MacArthur is a cesationist, believing that the miraculous sign gifts of the New Testament have ceased. I greatly appreciate MacArthur’s masterful exposition of the relevant texts.

  1. Biblical Prophecy and Modern Confusion
  2. Prophecy Redefined
  3. Fallibility and Female Prophets
  4. Prophecy, “the Perfect,” and the End of What?
  5. Drawing Lines

The second series is from Tim Challies on the important False Teachers in church history.

  1. Arius – Jesus is not God
  2. Pelagius – Salvation by works
  3. Muhammad – Islam
  4. Joseph Smith – Mormonism
  5. Ellen G. White – Seventh-Day Adventism
  6. Charles Taze Russell – Watch Tower Society/Jehovah’s Witness
  7. Harry Emerson Fosdick – Theological Liberalism

This series is still in progress so check back as others are added.