A Smattering of Thoughts on Women’s Issues

Of late, I have been reflecting often on (and often confronted with) the culture’s of exploitation young girls and women. Much has been said in recent years about the need to confront sex trafficking and the like, and while I whole-heartedly agree, I’m troubled that very little is said about the bigger and broader issue. So in no particular order, I offer a smattering of thoughts on women’s issues.

  • We hear a lot about women’s rights in connection with access to birth control and abortion, but perhaps it would be much more in the women’s best interest to speak of women’s rights as the right not to be in a sexual relationship until a man promises to “love and cherish, have and hold…for richer and poorer…till death do us part.” That type of right seems to value the woman and not the man’s unfettered access to sexual gratification.
  • Another word for cohabitation (a man and woman living together outside of marriage) is exploitation. The man gets sexual gratification, the woman gets no promises of permanence, meaning in that intimacy, willingness to remain with faithful, or father to a child that might come of that union.
  • Apart from a marriage commitment, men simply use and cast aside women when the grow tired of them or find one that is better. This is true despite their polite overtures and promises. Ladies, don’t let him take advantage of you in this way.
  • Marriage is perceived as a failure largely because it has been allowed to be less than a lifelong commitment and easily escaped. When a promise has little cost to break, don’t be surprised that people taken the easy road out. Contrary to popular perception, it has not improved marriage, treatment of women, or society as a whole to make marriage a small promise, easily broken.
  • Those who advocate women’s rights actually advocate male domination. Their implicit message is “Women, use your sexuality to get what you can from men.” But men always get the better end of the deal in this arrangement.
  • A casual walk through the swimsuit section of any store will reveal what the culture thinks a woman is good for. That “cute” lingerie for your pre-teen girl sends her a message as to what she is to be, and for who.
  • There is a place for revealing clothing – when a woman is with her husband, a man who has promised not to exploit her for it.
  • As Christians, we must tell and teach women and young girls that they are more than their sexuality. Our culture says their whole identity is their sexuality.