Great Quotes from “The Greatest Fight in the World”

Over the weekend, I read The Greatest Fight in the World by Charles H. Spurgeon. It was sheer gold! Every page has passages underlined. I’ve read a decent amount of Spurgeon, but in this, his last address to his fellow pastors, he’s on fire! Every pastor, indeed, every Christian should read it. Here are just a few of the passages I marked:

On his knees the believer is invincible.

Brethren, the truth of God is the only treasure for which we seek, and the Scripture is the only field in which we dig for it.

Anything more than the Word of God sets before us, for us to believe and to preach as the life of men, seems utterly absurd to us; yet we confront a generation of men who are always wanting to discover a new motive power, and a new gospel for their churches. The coverlet of their beds does not seem to be long enough, and they would fain borrow a yard or two of linsey-woolsey from the Unitarian, the Agnostic, or even the Atheist. Well; if there be any spiritual force or heavenward power to be found beyond that reported in this Book, I think we can do without it: indeed it must be such a sham that we are better without it.

The Word of God is quite sufficient to interest and bless the souls of men throughout all time; but novelties soon fail.

That which is worthy of God’s revealing is worthy of our preaching.

Conversions through the doctrines of universal restitution! Conversions through the doctrines of doubtful inspiration! Conversions to the love of God, and to faith in his Christ by hearing that the death of the Saviour was only the consummation of a grand example, but not the substitutionary sacrifice! Conversions by a gospel out of which the gospel has been drained! They say, ‘Wonders will never cease’; but such wonders will never begin.

Our own words are mere paper pellets compared with the rifle shot of the Word.

We ought to prepare the sermon as if it all depended upon us, and then we are to trust the Spirit of God knowing that all depends upon Him.

Get this little jewel of a book and read it! Here is the version I read with a great forward by Tom Nettles explaining the setting of this message. Here is a inexpensive Kindle version.