14 Reasons Why I Love Vacation Bible School

  1. The Gospel is shared each day!
  2. The Bible is the focus of every lesson!
  3. Kids memorize Bible verses!
  4. Kids have lots of fun!
  5. Church members eagerly serve!
  6. Music makes the lessons memorable!
  7. Kids get 5 days of more intensive teaching (rather than just once on Sunday like most weeks)!
  8. Our community engages: children come from non-church families and families that attend other churches, as well as kids who are in visiting for the summer!
  9. The church body serves the community: giving kids and parents a break in a safe and encouraging environment!
  10. Cool crafts and fun games!
  11. Older Christians are teaching younger Christians the faith!
  12. Teenagers serve!
  13. Cool themes and decorations!
  14. Everyone loves the Family Pool Party on Friday!